max IV

40 kph Land/6.5 kph Water.

It’s only 10 inches longer than the MAX II, but its ingenious design allows you to carry four full-sized adults. Five gallon fuel tank gives up to nine hours of operating time. Fitted with 26 inch tyres for maximum ground clearanceand waterspeed.

ENGINE : Choose either 27 HP carburettor or 29 HP digital fuel injected Kawasaki Liquid cooled V Twins for extra heavy duty applications in extreme temperatures.

STANDARD: Headlights, taillights, forward and reverse gear, electric start, trailer hitch, steel chassis and an almost unbreakable high density polyethylene body, + front and rear skidplates.

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Weight Approx:
805 pounds (365 kilos)
Gross Vehicle Weight:
1605 pounds (728 kilos) ( w/ passengers, cargo & accessories)
Gross Permissible Weight In Water:
1305 pounds (592 kilos) (w/ passengers, cargo & accessories)
96 inches (244 cm)
42 inches (107 cm)
56 inches (142 cm)
58 inches (147 cm)
4 persons
Fuel Capacity:
5 U.S. gallons (19 liters)
T-20 Skid Steer
Drive Chain:
530 O-ring
1-1/4 inch heavy-duty steel (3.175 cm)
Towing Capacity:
1000 lbs. (454 kilos)
 **specifications are subject to change without notice

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